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Train Offers You Breathtaking Views

A train consists of a number of coaches attached in a chain like fashion, and pulled by a locomotive. The seats in the coaches are limited in number and range from 8 to 24. During the initial stages of introduction, the trains were pulled by steam engines.

Trains in India – Most Reliable and Affordable

A train is what pulled by a locomotive and consists of a number of coaches connected in a chain like fashion. Each coach is further divided into compartments. In the early days, it was not possible to go from one coach to the other from inside the train.

Train Schedule – Gives Information on Timings of Trains

Referring a train time table gives you the train schedule. It assists a traveler in planning his journey. It gives you all the details and saves you from all confusion and clarifies your doubts.

A Few Things to Know about Trains

There are passenger as well as cargo trains running in India. Passenger trains carry people from one place to another. These trains offer service between stations where passengers get in the train and get off.

Train - The Convenient Mode of Travel to Cherish

A train journey in India provides you a lot of fun since it connects all the parts of India that help you discover the real culture and heritage of the country. It also gives you an opportunity to mingle with people from all walks of life.

Advantages of Online Ticket Booking for Indian Railway Trains

Indian Railways is one of the biggest rail networks in the world and is keeping its legacy as most comfortable and low-cost mode of travel for the people here.

Experience the Joy of Traveling in a Train

In India, a lot of people travel by train to various parts of the country for different reasons such as for livelihood, education, holidays, business, sightseeing, or treatment.

Traveling by Trains is a Wonderful Experience

Although a lot of low-cost airlines have been introduced, people of India prefer a rail journey not only because it is more affordable and cheap, but also because it reaches every corner of the country where the airlines cannot reach. You can also move about freely in the trains.

Indian Railway Reservation Form Online to Book Tickets from Anywhere

Filling in the Indian Railway reservation form is necessary to book your tickets in Indian Railways. Other than booking the ticket at the railway station you have now the option of filling in the reservation form and booking your ticket online on the website of Indian Railways and IRCTC.

Steps Involved in Doing Indian Railway Reservation Online

The online mode of Indian railway reservation for outstation train journey is very simple if you do it properly through online.

Indian Railway Reservation - Offers You a Lot of Facilities

When you travel in trains, reserving your ticket is very important. Indian Railway reservation assures you a confirmed seat in the train, where you can sit and travel comfortably.

Indian Railway Reservation Form – Ticket Booking Know-How

A train travel is the most preferred choice of people in India. Poor and rich alike make use of Indian Railways to enjoy the most comfortable and safest travel inside the country.

Indian Railway Reservation through Online Portals

Indian railway reservation of tickets is now made very simple through the online portal of IRCTC, The tickets can be booked in advance for outstation travel and it is mandatory to book tickets ahead in time in order to travel in all classes except the second class in trains.

Trains Offer You a Pleasant Journey

Train journey is comfortable, relaxing and also affordable by all classes of people. Trains in India used to have a four digit code number in the past, but now with the increase in number of the trains, they have a five digit code number

Login Registration in IRCTC for Railway Ticket Booking and Status Check

The number of people traveling in Indian Railway trains is now crossing 20 million in about 50,000 coaches and over 20000 daily train schedules.

Method of Doing Train Reservation Online

The train reservation online is now a very comfortable and secured booking feature offered through the portal of IRCTC.

Make Train Route Enquiry and Then Book Your Ticket

Train Route is the route on which a train travels from the source station to the destination station. It may be long like the route from Dibugarh to Kanyakumari, which covers a distance of 4286 km in 82.30 hours, or a short route taking a few hours.

 Indian Trains – The Favourite Mode of Transport of Masses

Nationalised in 1950, Indian Railways has traveled a long distance of development ever since. It’s not just a service provided to the people of the country by the Government of India

Registration in IRCTC- Your Gateway to Larger Benefits

The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is the benchmark of Indian Railways. With the interpose of this new department

Usability of the Website

IRCTC is the special wing of Indian Railways, which was set up a few years back to take care of the tourism and catering initiatives of Indian Railways.

Southern Railway - One of the First Railway Zones in India

Indian Railways consists of 17 railway zones and each zone is under the control of the General Manager. Under GM are the various divisional officers, and together they are responsible for the smooth functioning of the Railways.

Western Railway Zone - One of the Busiest Zones

The railway system in India is one of the finest in the world and Western Railway is an important zone in Indian Railways, which is also the busiest. It was established on the 5th of November 1951 by consolidation of many state owned railways, namely Bombay, Baroda and Central Railway, as well as Saurashtra Railway, Jaipur State Railway and Rajputana Railway.

Delhi Railway Station – One among the Biggest Stations in India

New Delhi Railway Station with station code as NDLS is located in between the Ajmeri Gate and Paharganj, and is one among the biggest and busiest railway stations in India. 

Railway Station Code List – Helps Book the Tickets

The passengers need to know the railway station codes while booking tickets for long distance travels. Hence, it is very important to have the Railway Station Code List which has all the respective station codes for all over the country.

Explore the Beautiful State of Odisha With an East Coast Railway Reservation

The East Coast Railways is one of the blue chip zones of the Indian Railway Sector. The Railways came into existence in 2003, on the first of April., with headquarters at Bhubaneswar, Capital of Orissa.








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